Our leadership team has experience in building & leading safety & security teams from pre-opening a new property through hard or soft renovations and new ownership or hotel management transitions.

Determining unique solutions reducing frequency and severity in guest and colleague loss segmentation which contributes to better flow-through to the bottom line. 


All Compass360HS safety & security strategies significantly contribute to increased Overall Guest Satisfaction, Colleague Awareness/Engagement and will always exceeds Hotel Management and Ownership expectations for safety & security operations.

Staff your hotel with a certified safety & security officer or team.

360HS Security Teams

In-House full or limited service hospitality security officers.

Strategic Partnering

Hybrid partnership security teams, working with your in-house team.

GAP Support

Request a experienced hotel security director for short term assignments.



The Compass360HS team has partnered with elite planners from several industries and provided safety & security support for benchmarking conferences and events.


Our leadership knows that every "Experience" is a "Permanent Record" of the Service Executed for that particular event.


Whether your venue or property is single and unique or part of a brand, mitigation of loss is and will remain a high priority of Ownership and Management. Inclusive, compliance & recognition based solutions addressing all risk areas.

Collaborative Safety

Recognition programming, addressing all risk areas.

Compliance Calendar

Customized tool which documents task compliance.


Our safety & security training programs will align with your mission, vision and company values, resulting in an exceptional experience for the guest and colleague. Compass360HS trainers have conducted pre-opening through refresher programs which support reduced risk to the brand.

Compass360HS training programs for all colleague levels in;


  • On-Boarding/New Hire Safety & Security Orientation

  • Annual Refresher (Brand Compliance)

  • Active Shooter/Human Trafficking

  • OSHA

  • CPR/FA/AED Certification

  • TIPS or CARE Certification, reducing risks when serving or monitoring alcohol consumption


All Compass360HS Investigators are Board Certified, Licensed with experience in determining the root cause of an incident within any hospitality environment. Our Audit and Mystery Shopper programs are brand-focused, guest-centric, and measurable while supporting your quality assurance program.

Claim Support

Investigative support for claims investigation.

Compliance Monitoring

We help to ensure that all your processes and procedures are compliant with all legal and brand standards.

Program Development

Physical Risk, Safety & Security, and Assessment Programs, customized to fit your needs.

QA Programs

Mystery Shopper and Quality Assurance Programming, “measure against standards, use for benchmarking”

Background Checks

Pre-Employment Background and MVR checks, “don’t rely just on public records.”

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